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Halloween November 4, 2011

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Halloween is a wonderful holiday. You can get dressed up however you want, there’s tons of candy, and the parties are great. A friend of mine who, by the way, has never had my cupcakes, asked me to bake some for her Halloween party. I agreed and immediately began thinking of potential cupcakes. It’s a good thing I had about a month to think about it because I’m super busy and don’t really have time to constantly think about cupcakes.

I knew off the bat that I should bake something that would be dark in color and still be slightly festive. She asked if it would be possible to have a red filling that would ooze out to look like blood, but I couldn’t think of a good way to do it without a food processor or buying jam. I told her I’d do my best. I ended up choosing a dark chocolate cupcake (see the Oreo cupcakes), filling it with a white chocolate raspberry ganache, and topping it with an orange buttercream.

To make the ganache, I used the recipe for butterscotch ganache from the Butterbeer cupcake recipe, replacing butterscotch chips with white chocolate. I then used raspberry extract to give it the flavor. It was delicious and soaked right into the cake, keeping it very moist and making the raspberry flavor very subtle.

To make the frosting, I made a batch of vanilla buttercream and used a few drops of orange extract to flavor it. I had never used the orange extract before, so I was very careful about how much went in. A few drops of it made it taste as though I had just squeezed a fresh orange into the frosting. I was in heaven. I wanted to eat it all right out of the bowl, but I had to resist so that there would be enough to frost the cupcakes for the party.

The cupcakes were an absolute hit. I brought a cupcake tower with me to display them, only further helping my costume (I went as a housewife). I decorated the empty space on the tower with some candy corn and put adorable eyeball picks in the cupcakes. Unfortunately, some of the frosting started to melt while in transit from my dorm to the party, but party-goers didn’t seem to care.


halloweencupcake                                               halloweentower


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