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Oops January 24, 2013

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I realize that it has been nearly a year since  I’ve posted anything.  I really did not mean to, but between school and work, I completely forgot.  I haven’t even had time to bake in the last few months, so that shows how busy I’ve been.  I did bake a lot of wonderful cupcakes over the summer, but they were mostly repeats of things I’ve already baked.  Maybe one of these days when I have a bunch of free time I’ll get around to at least posting pictures of them.  For now, however, I will not be updating anything here or even baking for the next few months as I will be in Australia for my student teaching semester.  If you are at all interested, I will be blogging about that experience as well (more consistently, I hope).  So maybe when I return in May I’ll try to bake an awesome Aussie inspired cupcake!  The link to my blog will be in the side bar.