Baking: It's Chemistry You Can Eat!

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About Me August 7, 2011


My name is Kerry and I absolutely love to bake. It’s become a hobby of mine in the last two years, mostly because I graduated high school and really had nothing else to do during the summer other than work. So I picked up baking. It started with a lot of box mixes. I even found a box mix for buttercream frosting (Wilton, I believe). And then I moved on to basic decorating, which other than putting frosting on cupcakes, I’m not very good at. And then I went to off to school. So I continued to use box mixes, but started experimenting with frostings. I got a cupcake book, which really fueled my experiments and hatred of canned frosting. And then when I came home the following summer, I started to look into making everything from scratch. My first attempt was horrid. The cupcakes didn’t rise, the frosting just didn’t work out. I was probably a bit too ambitious in trying to make raspberry cupcakes with a white chocolate frosting. So for my next attempt I went with a basic red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and according to everyone that ate them, they were perfect. That really helped my spirits. I made a few more successful cupcakes that summer and then went off to school again. It is really, really difficult to make things from scratch when you live in a dorm, especially when you’re already fighting two other people for storage space in the room. So I continued to use box mixes, but of course I haven’t touched canned frosting since I first made my own. I did, however, constantly try to do different things with the box mixes to make them better. And now I’m here, the summer after my second year in college, writing this blog about my adventures in baking. This year when I head off to school, I’ll be preparing to bake things from scratch instead of boxes. I won’t be fighting for space, even though I’ll still be in a dorm, but it may still be a little difficult because I won’t have a stand mixer. I’ve been using my mother’s wonderful Kitchenaid stand mixer that sits in a dark corner on the counter most of the year just waiting to be used. And now I have to break out of my comfort zone and go back to my hand mixer and plastic bowls.

My goal with this blog is to put my recipes or recipes I have found while stumbling across the internet in a place for my friends, family, and others to easily access. I am also looking for suggestions on what to do next or how I can do things differently/baking. I’d love to be more immersed in the world of baking, so I’m hoping that this will help. I’d love to one day own a bakery, but that will have to wait until I finish my education, start teaching, and build up some savings. But for now, I have no problem baking for small events that my friends and family have and I will continue to bake for no special reason.


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