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Review: Heavenly Cupcakes October 16, 2011

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I tend to avoid going to cupcake places because being exposed to that much cake is just dangerous to my health.  But nonetheless, I go in and see what they have.  I’ve been told by a few different people that I needed to check out this small bakery in Kent because everyone knows I love cupcakes.  I took their advice (or at least attempted to) one day, only to find that they had sold out for the day and had already closed.  So I went back the next day, and thank goodness they were still open.  Being a little later in the day, there wasn’t really a lot left, but the cupcake I did have was delicious.

The shop itself is absolutely adorable.  There are cute little tables set up so you can sit and enjoy your cupcakes in the store while basking in the pink and white cupcake decor.  Everything about it screams cupcakes.  Then you get to the counter where you can browse their daily selection.  I had glanced over their menu online to see what I could expect, and unfortunately by the time I got there the cupcake I really wanted to try was gone.  I guess I’ll have to go earlier in the day at some point.  I ended up getting their Lemon Fluff cupcake and boy was it delicious.

The cake itself was incredibly soft and definitely lemon.  It was topped with a light lemon buttercream and, to my surprise, filled with a lemon cream.  I’m usually a little uneasy about that much lemon, but the weather has been awful lately and this burst of lemon made it all better.  They weren’t shy about the lemon flavor either.  I got it in the first little bite, all the way until I finished off the little lemon cookie topper.

I will definitely return to the bakery to see what other cupcakes I can try, and maybe I’ll even wait until I get back to my dorm to eat it so I can put a picture of it up.  So if you’re in the Kent, Ohio area and craving cake, I would definitely recommend Heavenly Cupcakes!